My American Family

Due to Covid-19, My American Family was suspended, but we hope to resume in fall 2021!

Welcome to America!  As a new student/scholar in a new country, you have an exciting opportunity to learn all about American culture through being a part of an American family!

Friendship Families are volunteers who want to welcome you to Hawaii.  They will invite you to their home for a meal, and take you to one community outing (example: beach visit; school performance).  Beyond that it is up to you and the family if you would like to continue spending time together.

If you would like to learn about local customs and build a friendship with a local family, go ahead and apply below.  Your family will contact you in the near future to introduce themselves and build a friendship that hopefully will last long after your time in Hawaii is done.

*Family placements are done on a first-come, first-served basis, while available.